ATLA Healthcare Launch Event Hosts 100+ at ATLAW Headquarters

Published on
March 17, 2023

Dearborn, MI – The principals of ATLAH (ATLA Healthcare Consulting Group) celebrated a launch event with its client community and affiliate network of physicians, pharmacists, and healthcare providers at the ATLAW headquarters in Dearborn, MI. Over 100 professionals and experts from various fields attended the successful launch on Wednesday evening, March 15, 2023.  

The event was opened by Co-Founder Jalal Moughania, ATLAW CCO & Principal Attorney. He welcomed guests with acknowledging the talent and character that filled the room. He emphasized that it is such rooms that the ATLAH founders envisioned to fill, to provide a platform for collaboration and expert exchange through this new venture in the healthcare space.  

Co-Founder Abathar Alkudari, ATLAW President & Principal Attorney of Global Services, went on to explain the vision of the new consulting group and the significance of relationship-building in this space. Attorney Alkudari had the pleasure of introducing the first keynote of the evening, Dr. Azmat Husain, CMO of Personic Healthcare and a decorated physician and healthcare executive. Being both a long-time friend and a client, Dr. Husain spoke about his great experience with the consultants at ATLAH, as well as the attorneys at ATLAW, with all the expansion his companies have been experiencing and all the necessary compliance and regulatory matters they have gone through.  

The next keynote speaker of the evening was Pharmacist Fayez Faraj, Principal Owner of Vios Compounding Pharmacy and a seasoned pharmacist and leading entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical space. He spoke to the great experience he has had as a client and the trust and admiration he has for ATLAH Co-Founder and CEO, Hassan F. Abdallah.  

Before introducing ATLAH’s CEO, Co-Founder Dewnya Bazzi – ATLAW’S CEO and Founder, shared her personal vision in bringing this talented team together. She especially expressed her excitement in having Hassan Abdallah, a decorated compliance executive and seasoned healthcare consultant, be the champion of this healthcare consulting group.  

Abdallah closed the evening with an émigré speech about the broader vision of this venture, the honor in serving this client community, and the mindset the group has in making all this happen. “We win, when you win; not if you win,” Hassan emphasized, “When you win.” Hassan had the pleasure of introducing the practice group that is comprised of seasoned experts Attorney Wedad Suleiman, Adeeb Harb, and Claire Rothschild, with Abdallah leading the group as its principal healthcare consultant.  

ATLAH prides itself on leveraging the deep expertise it has in being able to service healthcare entities at the highest level, across several service areas and capacities. Its consultants confidently handle regulatory, compliance and matters of strategy for their clients, while deferring all matters of law practice are the attorneys of ATLAW, through ATLAH’s affiliation arrangement with the law firm. All clients are given the option to choose outside counsel while offered the ability to connect directly with the attorneys of ATLAW in the respected fields of legal service needed by the client.

Key Contacts

Hassan F. Abdallah JD, CHC, CPCM

Co-Founder & CEO

Dewnya A. Bazzi


Abathar Tajaladeen


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